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Assistant Professors(助教)
Kristin ARMITAGE(クリスティン・アーミテージ)

Hello everyone, I’m Kristin and I come from Melbourne, Australia although I’ve lived in Matsuyama for a long time.  I remember the days when some of my favorite places didn’t even exist.   Takashimaya was Sogo, there were no Starbucks and people hadn’t even started planning Emiful!  I really enjoy living in Ehime, close to the sea and not far to the mountains.  My dream is to do the 88 temples pilgrimage of Shikoku.  My other dream is to do a cooking course in Italy.  Cooking is a hobby I share with my husband too.  We both love cooking and eating!  A few years ago we bought a restaurant-style oven that has four gas burners and a 60cm wide oven.   Besides cooking, I’m busy trying to keep up with our son Jack.  Of course Jack’s Japanese is much better than mine and his kanji is great.  I’ll have to study harder!  I wish you all the best with your English studies and look forward to talking with you all sometime.

Christopher CONNELLY(クリストファー・コネリー)

Hello everyone, my name is Chris and I come from Scotland.  I moved to Japan in 2001 to work as an ALT for one year, but soon fell in love with Ehime and the Japanese lifestyle and my original “one year” has become twelve wonderful years. I spent three years working as an assistant English Teacher at Uwajima South High School, which was a great experience.  I took part in all of the school festivals and activities and made lots of great friends.  I then moved to Matsuyama in 2004 and worked for a children’s English conversation school until March 2014.

I love Japan and enjoy visiting new places when I have time off from work.  I also enjoy running and I usually go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week.  I look forward to summer every year because I like going to the beach and having BBQs with my friends.  Scotland is pretty cold and it rarely gets hot in the summer, so I especially enjoy the long, hot summers in Japan.
I love making new friends, so please feel free to come and say ‘hello” anytime. 

  Adrian HEINEL(エイドリアン・ハイネル)

Hello there.  My name is Adrian Heinel.  Let me tell you a little about myself.  

I'm from the USA.  I grew up in a city called Eugene in Oregon state but I was born in Matsuyama's sister city:  Sacramento, in California state.  I've been living in Japan for 20 years now and honestly, these days, I feel like Japan is more my home than the States.

I am a family man.  I have thee daughters, two of which are identical twins.  All three of them are powerful and they are my treasures.  My father also lives in Japan.  In fact, he lives here in Matsuyama!  Maybe you've seen him around.  Just look for the long haired man who looks like Santa.

In my free time I enjoy exercising, cooking, spending time outdoors, watching Netflix, playing all kinds of games, and testing out new technology.  Recently I've been experimenting with Podcasting.  I have made 3 podcasts.  Do you know what podcasts are?  They are like radio shows that you download from the internet.  If you are interested in podcasts there are a lot of good ones out there you can listen to in English.  Give it a try!

Goodbye for now.  I hope to see you around campus!

  Danielle KURIHARA(ダニエル栗原)

Hello everyone, I'm Danielle and I come from Canada. I WAS raised Bilingually in English and French. - When I WAS 12 years Old, my Uncle married a Spanish woman. I WAS fascinated by her Culture and Decided to teach myself Spanish so that I Could Communicate with her. After That I Went to her Country for FURTHER Study and stayed with a  family in a Small Town near Madrid. I worked  as a Translator in Canada and then  Traveled Around the World for two years and finally Settled in Taiwan where I taught English and French. In Taipei I met a Japanese couple who invited me to Tokyo. That WAS many years ago and I'm Still here! I love Teaching Languages ​​and learning Them too. One of the Ways I Studied Japanese is by watching dramas on NHK! 

In my free time, I  take long walks with my three dogs. Thanks to them I spend a lot of time outdoors! I love to follow the news both in English and French and watch movies too. I hope learning English becomes an enjoyable part of your life.

  Alexis KINCH(アレクシス・キンチ)

What’s up everyone!!
My name is Alexis, but it is okay to call me Lexi. I have a very outgoing and bubbly personality.
I came to Japan four and a half years ago from Barbados, my beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean.
Communication is very important so let’s chat !
I have been enjoying the Japanese culture, especially the food and taiko sessions.
I love outdoor activities, cycling, soccer, and most sports in fact.
I practice kyudo and would love to learn how to make rolled eggs! It’s one of my favorite Japanese dishes! Must be really fun to make.
In Barbados, we really enjoy domino games, darts games, music and rhythmic limbo dancing! So please ask me about my island and I will be happy to talk with you!
Please explore Barbados and soak up some of my culture.
Barbados Travel Guide: Barbados.org
Barbados: All holiday travel information for your vacation! Activities, where to stay, eat and shop. Island events, tours, maps, pictures, stories, people and much more.

Looking forward to interacting with you!!

  Glenn MAGEE(グレン・マギー)

This is me–Magee. I do not remember exactly when I came to Japan, from England; it was a very long, long time ago. I have many stories to tell; I hope to share them with you in the classroom. Now, I could write about my impressive academic history but, you might be more surprised to know that I am very interested in happiness–aren’t we all? If you think so, you are right! Happy, happy, happy.

To tell the truth, happiness, or rather the application of findings from neuroscience, psychology, and education in the classroom is my research interest. Our brains produce happy chemicals, dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin, and serotonin.  Put simply: joy, safety, and security. My challenge is to make the classroom a place that you feel safe in, secure in, and that fills you with smiles and joy.    

All the best,
Glenn Magee

  Andrew TIDMARSH(アンドリュー・ティドマーシュ)

Hi, my name is Andrew. I have lived in a few places in England, but I have not lived in London. My favourite place in England is Stonehenge, because there's a nice café near there. You should visit if you get the chance, but please don't feed the cat there!

In Japan, I have some favourite places. I especially like Matsumoto in Nagano and Hikone in Shiga. I like those places because they have very cool mascots and the people are very friendly. I am thinking of visiting Nikko and Hirosaki next, but they are a bit far from Matsuyama.

If I have some free time, I sometimes try playing squash, go to a calligraphy class or take in an art exhibition with some friends. There are lots of galleries in Japan and I want to see all of them.

Teaching is fun for me because I like seeing students improve and have fun in class. If you see me, please say hello and tell me about yourself!


  Scott WEBBER(スコット・ウェバー)

Hi, I'm Scott and I come from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  My hometown is extremely picturesque with the mountains, forests, and ocean as part of your backyard. But I'm biased. You should go there yourself and find out. Interestingly, I find my hometown and Matsuyama have many similarities. The mountains, the ocean and the forests are very close.  And it is beautiful here.  This is my second time living in Matsuyama - I like it.  Before moving back to Matsuyama, I lived in the Middle East in a country called Qatar.  You may know of this place because of its connection with Japan and soccer.  In 2011 the Asian Cup final was played in Doha where Japan beat Australia in the final game.  I was fortunate to see the game.  It was great to see Japan beat Australia. 

While in Doha I taught English as a second language to college students.  I did this for 12 years.  Living in the Middle East was interesting but I'm glad to be back in Japan and particularly Matsuyama.  My family is glad to be in Japan too.  My kids are really enjoying the freedom they have to go outside a play, go for a walk or go for a bike ride.  Also going to the hot springs with the family in Dogo is a great way to end the week.

In my free time, I work on my PhD dissertation on simulation-based education.  This takes up a lot of my free time but I find the subject extremely interesting.  I also like to play with my Lego Mindstorm robot.  My kids and I like to make the robot do things around the house!

I love teaching and helping people discover ways to improve their ability to communicate in English.  I hope to see you in my class where we can have fun talking in English.

  ZHOU Wei(ジョウ・ウェイ)

Hi, my name is Wei Zhou. Just call me "ジョウ". I come from China. It has been 13 years since I moved to Japan. I love Japan because of its beautiful and clear four seasons. Every season is so lovely! Also I travelled many places in Japan, and it is very hard for me to decide which place I like most. Some small and quiet towns I passed by are so romantic like a poem that I wish I could visit again in future, even though I have already begun to forget some of their names.

In Japan, I have experienced some different but exciting careers. I did English and Chinese teaching, scientific papers proofreading, and some investigation for scientific research purpose in the open sea. On the day right before I came to teach English in EEC, I was busy with finishing up my last molecular experiment in a laboratory. So no matter what you major in, I am sure we may find something in common to talk about and have fun in our English class.

In my spare time, I often play Sudoku and puzzle games. If you love them too, let's play together!!